Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Interesting Ways to Drape an Indian Saree with Perfection!

There are different methods of wearing a saree depending upon the climate geography and religious culture. The most well-known style to wear a saree  is to wrap it around the waist, with the loose end of the drape to be worn over the shoulder, exposing the stomach. Now, sarees can be draped in different styles; however it requires sarees of specific length or shape.  The Traditional India Saree is usually worn over the petticoat with the blouse and choli have a tight neck and short sleeves. Nowadays, with the advancement of saree there are different patterns of sarees available in the market as well as online.
If you are searching for something eye-catchy and trendy to drape a saree, then these styles are a great way to start with:

·         The Basic Drape
The Nivi style of draping is the most common and the basic drape and looks pretty with any kind of saree. It features a pleated front, over which the pallu is draped around the waist and thrown over the left shoulder. This formal variant is worn with broad pleats on the pallu and is pinned in a place.
designer saree online

·         Open Pallu Drape
This flexible and complimenting drape is prevalent among Bollywood stars and fashion designers all around! It shapes an exquisite and sentimental impact, particularly with the sticking textures utilized as a part of present day saree plans. This form of Indian saree that is available online as well is very easy to manage, since it follows the basic wrap; however the pallu is left open over the left arm as opposed to being pleated and stuck.

indian saree online

·         Front Pallu
It is an intriguing and entrancing hanging style. In this style, the pallu of saree is put on the front side at the left shoulder. Drape your saree in a casual way and put the pallu on the front side. This style is good to adopt if there is some great embroidery work on the pallu of your saree. In this way, pallu will become noticeably conspicuous and you will look elegant.

·         Dhoti Drape
This drape is very popular in the areas like Goa and Maharashtra. This style has 9 yard saree and is worn with a petticoat, which is divided between the legs, such as dhoti. This traditional style has recently been very trendy and the fashion designers and stars are flaunting it everywhere!

Every community in India has its own style of draping a saree, for example, Maharashtrians and Tamilians wear it like a dhoti, Coorigs and Bengalis wear it without pleats. Many traditional forms of wearing a saree have again in trend now, as the modern fashion has created its own versions of classic drapes. So, if you are looking for Indian Saree Online, visit the website Panache Haute Couture today. They offer exclusive designs of outfits at very assured prices. Contact us today for more insights!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Infuse Life to your Ethnic Wardrobe with Indian Designer Sarees

No matter who adores it, a sense of lady-likeness and a touch of elegance is always portrayed and highlighted through sarees. Women who are fascinated with the idea of wearing their preferred saree look effortlessly gorgeous when they wear one.

This is because designer sarees are designed and crafted intricately to make every woman look stunning. Wearing designer sarees has been a long time tradition and is now known for their salient finish and styles. In addition to this, the opportunity to exhibit the exquisiteness and glamour at the same time can be attained when you include a saree in your wardrobe.

Opening New Possibilities

Presently, Indian designers and fashion inventors regard designer sarees with significance. There is no question that every saree designed sets trend and the wedding sarees designers are gaining more dignity. Genius designers get together and put their designs together to turn up with an exceptional saree design that can set a new milestone.

The creativity that is emphasized in every saree is seen in Bollywood films to push and promote the quality of the designs, which will add a new meaning and fresh ideas in the wedding couture. So, when the actresses in these movies are seen wearing these designs, a new possibility is revealed.

The Famous Designers to Look Out For

Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi, Shantanu-Nikhil are among the most prominent Indian designers for designer sarees. And for the professional proletarians, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Vikran Phadnis add to the list. Their contribution in setting new styles and trends and creating noteworthy sarees is just phenomenal.

If you want to be informed about the latest additions in saree collections, you can check out the bridal designs that have been carefully draped. The lehenga sarees also have created an impact, dominating the fashion runways that highlight the newest collections.

Creative Ideas for Designer Sarees

If you welcome the idea of exploring the designer sarees online, you can get beautiful pieces featuring rare designs, patterns and textures. It is safe to admit that designer sarees are the results of art making, which have definitely captured the interests of fashion savvy people from all around the world.

In the present time, new designs with artistic cuts are dominating the fashion scenes in India as well as countries like US, Canada, Australia, France etc. And if you learn more about the collections and the designs, you can become more particular with the fabrics and the accessories to be used in finishing a specific saree.

Finally, opt in for finely-tuned sarees that are embellished intricately to enhance the beauty of the saree. If you want to add a personal to your dress, you can use sequins, pearls, rhinestones and other precious stones to make your saree a complete treasure. 

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Why Women Prefer Saree Shopping From An Online Website?

Women love to wear a saree during the religious festival, cultural and social gatherings and even on their weddings. This attire was originated long ago in the country, but is continuing till now due to its attractive features. By wearing a saree, a woman looks slim and beautiful and this is the desire of every women. There can’t be any other dress other than saree suitable to wear for women on traditional festivals. As now the women are getting involved in numerous activities, they don’t have enough time that they might go to a shop and buy a saree. This is why women prefer shopping a saree online.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying a Saree Online:

Time Saving

The key feature of shopping online sarees is that it saves you a lot of time. Amidst to your tight schedule all the week long, taking out special time to go out and spending couple of hours in purchasing a saree for a party or any other occasion becomes even more difficult. Hence, women prefer online shopping to take a giant leap in saving their precious time.

Latest Fashion

The trending style of sarees do not even reach the local markets properly, where on the other side you can see that online stores have already started to sell them. Hence, a woman easily finds what’s the latest trend in sarees is available online.


When a women opt to buying a saree via online, then she actually open up the doors of comfort and convenience to enter in her life. Without struggling hard from one shop to another, she simply places an online order while easily sitting your home or even at your office as well. Now, the women don’t physically exhaust themselves in finding a saree, as now they can simply order from home.

24/7 Services

The greatest benefit of purchasing a saree from an online store is that you can purchase it any time, whenever you want. The online stores remain open 24/7 and unlike normal stores and shops that have a specific time of closing. Whenever you have time, you can easily purchase a saree via online. Now, time cannot a woman from buying an Indian Saree Online whenever she wants to purchase a one.

Price Comparison

A woman gets the pleasure to check the price of a saree offered at different online stores and then buy it from the store offering it at the lowest price. While buying an online saree, you are in no hurry and you can take a considerable amount of time to decide for purchasing a saree.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Designer Punjabi Suits: Conventional Indian Attire with a Twist

Conventional Indian attire has its own appeal and can offer a style statement that is hard to imitate. In fact, the changing necklines and hemlines have redefined the traditional punjabi suits, and other Indian wear. The range available today has completely changed the fashion act. Adding to it, the use of various fabrics and materials ranging from organza, net, tulle, silk, and chiffon are a far cry from the simple fabrics like cotton, poplin and mulmul, that were favored in the past.

The Twist in the Tale

Punjabi suits were the conventional clothing worn by the ladies in the Punjab and Haryana region. But with the advent of designer Punjabi suits, everything has been put through a totally different complexion to the fashion scene. Apart from the conventional embellishments in the form of mirror, gota, beads, sequins, and the intricate embroidery reflecting scenes from the nature, the latest designs play around with the eccentric styles like off-the-shoulder, low backs or halter neck styles, being introduced in designer Punjabi suits. 

This amazingly versatile outfit has an added advantage of being easy to wear and carry, while being liable to adapt to the changing tastes and styles. Bright and lively warm colors like red, tangerine, royal blues, crimson, fuchsia and emeralds create dazzling and sophisticated effects for Punjabi suits.

Be Chic, Yet Comfortable

While designer suits for women are chic, they do not abandon the comfort quotient. Usually these suits have a satin or silk kameez, and are paired with silk salwars. Topped with an elegant dupatta, the ensemble is calculated to make the wearer stand out from the crowd. The kameez often has an applique of gota work on the front and the back, sleeves, neck and the hemline, while the dupatta is usually bordered with brocade or tissues. In preference to the gota appliques, one can also get some elaborated embroidery or mirror work done.

There’s no better way to enhance your beauty and look with a well-designed Punjabi suit. This is what makes the designer suit streets ahead in terms of elegance, style, or wear ability. A Punjabi suit or for that matter, any ethnic outfit says much about your choices and preferences as western dresses do. A birthday party, wedding or an anniversary party, or any other major event is usually the perfect occasion to flaunt your ethnic wear without looking outlandish.

You can get designer Punjabi suits in a comprehensive range of designs easily from the leading stores online. The foremost reason to opt for online shopping is that it provides good discounts on the products. Hence, there is nothing wrong in buying a Punjabi suit online.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Anarkali Suits: To Compose Attire Statement

Anarkali suits are now considered as one of the most demanding outfits in India for women. Its uniqueness makes it different from others because of its long length. The dress, basically, is divided into three aspects – the upward segment or the yoke known as the ‘choli’, the skirt like body part that flows from the waist to the ankles, the bottom, and a dupatta to compliment the whole attire.

These suits are available in various forms at offline as well as online retail stores and the various forms of these suits include:

Designer Anarkali Suits

Designer anarkali suits comprise of heavy embroidery designs that constitute colourful threads of gold and silver to make it attractive. Colourful stones, patches and other decorative items are also used to enhance its beauty. Most of the women wear these suits on auspicious occasions such as wedding, festivals etc.

Printed Anarkali Suits

Printed designs come under light embroidery that gives an elegant touch to an outfit. The designers are contributing their collections in imposing designs & shades to satisfy the buyer requirements. These striking colours are perfect to offer an appealing appearance.

While the variety or the type of the anarkali is an important factor, there are several other factors that make the attire a special one. Here are a few things about them:

Speciality of Anarkali Suits

These suits have a bulging skirt and the kameez is designed in such a way so that it gives a flowy appearance towards the bottom. The drape of dupatta is also a great way to reconstruct the appearance and add grace, mystique and sophistication, as per the tastes of the individual.

Current Inclination

The spirit too has disclosed that the latest designs of Anarkali approach are popular in India and abroad. Celebrities and NRI’s have made this an enriched trend.  The flowy appearance is heavily exaggerated and embroidery slaved.

Anarkali suits are made up of silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, net, and other materials. Currently, the ones in demand involve net materials. The ‘kameez’ has an inner lining and can be of cotton, silk or any other glittery material. The top covering is made up of net. Sometimes, the inner lining is made of a simple chiffon material and might have floral  prints.

The governing brands are presenting their collections in short sleeves, sleeveless & in full sleeve composition.

The sleeves can  either be of lining material or of net as well. Full sleeves looks nice with Anarkali salwar suits.The sheer look of the net material makes the dress more stunning.


The handwork that is used to initiate the imposing concept on the fabric beautifies it. These concepts are specially formulated using florid items like sequins, pellet, stones & colourful threads. Apart from designing, stitching is also very compelling. The manufacturers, by using modern stitching machines, enhance the outfit. Moreover, these are available in diverse compositions.


With the amalgamation of rich Indian ritual and modern designs, Anarkali suits have won the hearts of almost all the women in the world. In reality, an Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete unless it contains at least one Anarkali suit. These suits add a royal and fashionable touch that can make you look graceful, mesmerizing & alluring. One of the biggest advantages of wearing this alluring outfit is that it fits every body type.

Summing Up:

New alternatives are projected every day and all the varieties are becoming eminently popular. This technique is in fashion since the ancient era. However, fashion designers have added an idiosyncratic touch to it to keep this style alive in today’s market.

Looking for anarkali suits online

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tips for Perfect Evening Gown Dress

Over the last decade, Indo western gowns have become an integral part of Indian fashion. As the label suggests, these attires are inspired by the western gowns often seen on fashion runways and red carpets across the world. Ideally, they can be worn throughout the year, as the outfit is versatile in terms of all types of fabrics, styles, and cuts.

The Mixture of the western gown and Indian aesthetics is the most popular form of Indian evening dress. For example floor length gowns with traditional motifs, embroidery and intricate patterns fashioned by designers in India and abroad.

The variety of Evening Gowns:-

These attires come in a variety of styles and shapes. The attire itself can be separated into three main sections: the top, the bottom, and the stole.

·      The top is most ordinarily called as a choli or a blouse. Depending on the style, a crop top showing off the midriff is called as choli, or else one can just mention to the top as a blouse.
·       Similar to the blouse, the bottom comes in a variety of classes such as peacock, A-line, mermaid cut, straight cut and so on.
·      Last, but not the least, dupatta, a heavily embellished stole that can be worn with this attire to beautify it. Normally, evening dresses in India are worn with the dupatta draped over one shoulder.

Tips for maintenance of evening gowns:-

Evening gowns are made up from delicate material, that is fragile and incline to have expensive frills. A small defect makes the outfit hard to wear, specifically when you are going to important events. Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind so that your gown last for a longer time:

·       Avoid Perfumes - Certain perfumes and their fragrances are so powerful and can be hazardous for costumes. These might cause stains to your costume and you should avoid perfumes at all costs. It is important to note that you must wear makeup before wearing the costume. Do not spray perfume directly as it may cause more damage.

·   Clean Stains - If you see any stain on your gown, you must clean it as early as possible. Be careful while cleaning as too much rubbing might tarnish the entire dress. So, it is important that you must keep a cleaning material on hand so that when you see any form of stain, you must clean it quickly and correctly. 

·     Clean Before Storage - When dresses are kept before cleaning they tend to be moist and might not be all fresh. So, clean it well before you store it. If you can’t clean your evening gown by yourself, then you should give it to a laundry company which will avoid any form of damage associated with dress cleaning. Laundry companies have a wide range of experience in dress cleaning and so they will avoid any form of challenge that might come up. With this, you will be able to wear your dress for a relatively long period of time. The way you maintain your evening dress will ensure how long it will last.

·   Proper Storage - Evening gown should always be stored in a good fabric. You should consider storing the dress in a clean, cool and dry place where there is little chance of damage.

Summing Up:

There are many other options to supplement your gown. You can also get bridal dresses that will suit for your evening functions. You can avail these Indo western gowns both online as well as offline which costs fairly less and be a perfect choice for an evening dress.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Add Elegance to Your Personality with Designer Lehenga Choli

Tired of picking worn out, boring old fashion blouses and pants in your armoire for occasional events?

Let’s approach some new motifs.

It has become a requisite that you need more variety or tinge of groovy designs on the bedrock of traditional attire. No doubts to the raving Indian fashions nowadays, but nothing can beat a perfectly designed Lehenga Choli that is crafted on the pitch of traditional grounds.  It can be worn on various occasions including Weddings, Diwali, Navratri and much more. A lot of variations are available in lehenga choli in the market which can amaze everyone to make it buy immediately. However, to look exceptional, it is important to make sure that you go for the right piece that suits your body type and the occasions.

The best part of a designer lehenga choli is that they are much comfortable and versatile as well as stylish and elegant at the same time. They are available in a plethora of shades and designs. At Panache Haute Couture, our creative workforce offers the best collections with appealing mesh-ups and patterns in order to meet the expectations of the shoppers.

               Let’s have a look at some stunning trends in designer lehenga choli below:

Circular Fit Lehengas:

It is basically fabricated to add more and more flares to the overall look of the lehenga. It is one of the oldest and trendsetting forms of Lehengas available in the market today. If you have a cone shaped body, it will be a perfect choice for you. Circular Fit lehenga designs mostly have broad borders at the bottom that add a royal touch to it. In case you are some who likes simpler or lighter lehengas, teaming up with a heavy choli can make you look fab.

Straight Cut Lehengas:

One of the most famous attire among women today is a straight cut lehenga that suits almost all the body types and can be graced at events like weddings, festivals, engagements, and parties. This design resembles a skirt that wraps around the waist and goes straight to the hemline. If opting for this style, avoid heavy work on either the bottom or top to keep the balance intact.

Mermaid Style Lehenga:

If you are someone who likes to flaunt with fish cut curves, this is the perfect style for you. The overall look of this lehenga is to accentuate those curves because its design fits the body from waist to knees and stylishly flares out below the knees. It is best suited with the halter neck choli to sensualize the overall look.

Bollywood Style Lehenga:

Under this collection of lehengas, designers take inspiration from the Bollywood to create this collection. They try to give you the same look of the Lehengas as the popular actresses wore in their events and shows. They use a fascinating color combination to add a new charm to the traditional collection. So if you too are a fan of Deepika’s dress in Deewani Mastani song or Madhuri’s dress in Maar Dala song, don’t think further than opting for this lehenga.

Shades impact more! Choosing shades for designer lehenga choli depends on the occasions that you are wearing it for. However, some popular shades that are in trend and have become a preferred option nowadays are shades of green, yellow, blue, and maroon. However, these also include the offbeat hues like wine, blue, rust, mustard, orange with gold and silver work, appliqued with brocade, zari or stones.

Still confused? Step into the exciting and vibrant world of Indian fashion with Panache Haute Couture and select a perfect style from above suggesting choices. Our flawless designer lehenga choli ensembles make your look dazzling enough to make head turns on any occasion.