Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Designer Lehenga Choli: Specially Designed for the Auspicious Occasion

The Indian ethnic wears are definitely the best clothing to wear on any favorable event. The beauty of these collections is certainly captivating. These are highly well-known among the ladies of Indian origin that are living with diverse parts of the world. One of the utmost favored clothing of this section is designer lehenga. It is considered as best clothing for huge events like marriages. 

This is generally the ghagra-choli collection. It was once the conventional clothing of the ladies of Indian origin. But for currently, the designers have modified these clothing into stylish outfit. The designers have used several impressive designs in order to add appeal to these clothing.

The fast pace fashion has affected the designing pattern of the ethnic wears. These days, Indian ladies choose to wear the beautiful clothing. For them, the designers are using impressive cuts on the apparel to be able to offer the contemporary touch to the collection. The cuts are being offered along the neck-line or in the collar section. The impressive designs in the collar are offered to create the collection more attractive.

The shades are definitely the vital feature when it comes to design the collection. The designers today are using an impressive color mixture in designing the collection. Apart from the traditional shades, they are also using off beat shades for making the collection amazing in hues.

Another very vital element of the designer lehenga collections is embroidery. These are mainly is the artistic styles in which attractive motifs are made with the help of the decorative items. The designers use things like Beads, stones & sequins to make amazing motifs. Besides this, resham patches along with the various colored threads are used to make the collection stylish and attractive.

The designer lehenga is definitely the best creative advancement of Indian designers. The ladies just love to wear these clothing as these can completely provide intense looks to them. The leading brands as well as well as various online shops are offering their collection in a wide variety of styles & colors. These clothing will certainly provide amazing looks to the trendy ladies.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Traditional or Modern Bridal Lehenga Choli?

As soon as you nod for marriage to your significant other, being the bride, the next activity you would get busy with is planning the wedding. Owing to the colorful and unique nature of the ceremonies, western brides are increasingly opting for traditional Indian weddings. In place of white wedding dresses, they can wear bright colored lehenga cholis, sarees and even suits for Indian weddings. Starting from the pre-wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremonies and to the post-wedding rituals, nothing could be as more fun as a couple celebrating their wedding in a traditional way.

Traditional vs. Modern Bridal Lehenga Cholis

Irrespective of being a western bride planning a traditional Indian wedding, or being an Indian bride, the major things that you really need to think about is your bridal ensemble that you shall be wearing on your wedding day. In Indian weddings, brides from various regions wear different ensembles; however, the most popular ensemble is the bridal lehenga choli. Also known as ghaghra choli or chaniya choli, this ensemble comprises of several different pieces.

There is the lehenga - a long skirt and the choli. The choli is a fitted blouse which is worn over the lehenga. One can play with the length of the choli, a short one for having the midriff bare or having a waist length choli or having a kurta or jacket instead of a choli. A few more pieces, makeup and accessories are used to enhance the beauty of the bride on her traditional wedding. You can actually make your choice for the traditional or modern bridal lehenga.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two in terms of material, style and design:

Irrespective of which region you are from, you are bound to have a blast wearing a traditional lehenga choli. There is a certain soothing feeling that most brides feel once they go through the traditional rituals with the intricately-crafted lehenga choli.

During ancient times, only the royals wore lehengas for their weddings. Over the years, it became the traditional ensemble worn by the brides in most parts of the country. The traditional designs of lehenga cholis include skirts in A-line shape, full flare, fish tail or mermaid design.

The traditional bridal lehenga cholis used to be made with heavy fabrics like silks and khadi; however, owing to the modernization of everything, lighter fabrics like satin, chiffon, net were brought into use. The embellishments now vary from zari, zardosi, thread work, resham work, mirrors, beads, sequins, stones, crystals and more.

Modern brides prefer finely embroidered dupattas in net and satin as they are soft and easy to carry. The latest trend also allows carrying two different dupattas, one for covering the head and other for the temporary ‘ghunghat’. Modern bridal lehenga cholis are also characterized by bright colors which offer mere royalty.

In the end, be it a traditional lehenga choli or a modern one, you are bound to look the best of you on your big day.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Gown for yourself

Choosing party wear gowns can be a tedious task for women simply because there are so many choices. You can find numerous selections for party wear gowns. When searching online, you may see even more choices. So among so many designs how to decide which one is right for you?

The first most thing you need to consider is the occasion that you would be attending. What kind of party is it? And where would it be held? Is there any set theme? The occasion you are going to is the major part of your decision.

According to the Theme or Color

A new trend these days is to have theme based parties. All the guests and the hosts dress according to the theme for the party. So before you selecting a gown, it is important to check the invitation for it. If the party has a Hawaiian theme, choose for gowns with flowery patterns and Hawaiian colors. You can also accessorize the look with floral and shell tiaras and bracelets. If the party has an Indian theme, you can opt for the wonderful indo western gowns. 

Some go for themes while some opt for colors. They may ask all to wear a specific color or a specific pattern for your outfit. For example, if the color is Pink and Green Polkas, you can wear a gown that is purely pink, green, or a combination of both with polka dots.

 According to Other Attendees

Also consider other attendees in the party when looking for party wear gowns. If it’s an all adult party, opt for a look that does not reveal much of you. If it’s a party with high professionals, then opt for a formal gown.

According to the Location

Another aspect that plays a great part in your decision is the location of the party. Is it to be held at a beach or a hotel? Or even if it’s at the residence, would it be held indoors or rooftop or the lawns?

You should be dressed appropriately with regards to the location or venue of the party. Wearing a long gown for a pool side party may get your look ruined. Wearing a cocktail gown at a party in hotel may make you look underdressed. The venue of the party is always indicated in the invitation, so make the best use of it and choose your dress wisely. 

According to your Personality

Apart from the factors related to the party, you should also consider your own personality. You won’t be able to enjoy the party to the fullest if you are not comfortable with your dress. If you cannot show too much skin, then opt of conservative necklines and backs. If you are comfortable with bright colors, then opt for basic shades like beige, ivory, black, blue, crimson and the sort. 

Just love your own style and don’t be shy of it. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Make Inimitable Fashion Statement with Designer Anarkali Suits

Indian traditional dresses have an extraordinary flair in the fashion world. These are perfect amalgamation of elegance and versatility. These dresses are best to offer stylish yet sensible appearance at one fell swoop. The speeding pace of the fashion world has influenced the traditional Indian attire to a greater magnitude.

The most popular, highly demanded Indian dress these days is the Anarkali suit. It is essentially the metamorphosed form of the customary salwar kameez. Inspired from the ancient Mughal culture, the upper of this dress is long in length, till the calves. Crafted with numerous ‘kalis’, these dresses are perfect to wear on various occasions like weddings and parties.

Women in India are becoming trendy with time. They welcome new trends and work to their best to look sumptuous and charming. In order to appear elegant, anarkali suits are surely the best attire. Their impeccable shape and extraordinary designs make them perfect to make a fashion statement.

The designers try really hard to make their collection exclusive and different from others. They use modern tools of designing so as to create their collection of anarkali suits in the most pleasing color patterns. Apart from this, they are offering their collection in full sleeves, half sleeves & sleeveless patterns so that buyers easily get their preferred collection. There is a wide range of collections available in the market. Some of the most popular types are discussed below.

Bollywood Replica Anarkali Suits

Bollywood has influenced the Indian fashion widely. Bollywood styles are widely accepted. Owing to this, leading brands and various online stores offer a plethora of Bollywood replica anarkali suits. The designs in these collections are exact copies of the styles worn by various famous actresses on the screen. When paired with matching jewelry and accessories, these styles are perfect for that glam look.

Designer Anarkali Suits

These are specially crafted collections. These are expressly designed in heavy designs to make these perfect wear for auspicious occasions like festivals, weddings and other grand occasions. These are embellished with colorful threads, sequins, stones, beads, resham patches, and the like to make these dresses look more attractive.

Printed Anarkali Suits

Printed anarkalis are real glamourous pieces. Designers these days offer their anarkali suits collections in impressive shades and designs to satisfy the requirements of the buyers. These printed dresses are accessible in a comprehensive range of different cuts, lengths and vibrant colors and are perfect for striking appearances.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Buy Traditional Lehenga Cholis Online!

Anyone who shops for traditional wedding dresses like lehenga cholis, ethnic suits or even an indo western gown online indeed has made a judicious choice. With the ease of online shopping these days, one can get access to numerous dresses sitting at one place itself.

The traditional lehenga choli originated in the very early days when a woman wearing a lehenga was considered an empress of the high society in India. In our day, lehenga cholis come in a variety of patterns, styles and colors to make the modern women feel like a queen of high society.

The fabrics used for crafting these dresses can range from:

·    Creamy Crepe
·    Dreamy Satins
·    Exotic Silks
·    Comfortable Cottons
·    Sensual Sequins

All these can be embellished with beadings, stonework, and varied embroidered detailing.

The styles can range from:

·    The real traditional style: a flared long skirt teamed with a blouse or a choli
·    The contemporary style: Cinderella style, lehenga teamed with capes or crop tops
·    The royal designer lehenga cholis
·    Bollywood style lehenga cholis

As concerns with the tradition, lehenga cholis keep the tradition up and also add a sensual flair to it. Lehenga cholis keep the true Indian heritage by adding a form-fitting, curve-appealing fit that women in all places feel gorgeous wearing. No longer are the days when this dress had loose-fitting flairs; they now are slimming, hip hugging and make a women feel good about herself. They come in every size and shape and compliment every woman’s frame. Every woman can feel beautiful in today’s Indian trends bought online.

Girls seeking traditional lehenga cholis with the customary Indian artisanship and fashion-forward elegances should take benefits of the vast collections online. The range of choices online is vast:

• Custom fit to order
• judiciously crafted, divinely designed
• Choice of neck style, border design, length
• Striking materials and fabrics
• A line styles, straight cuts, and many more up-to-date cuts to fit any women's shape

Thus, whether a customer is in search of a traditional garment or a made-to-order fit, everyone can find high-fashion edge online.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Luxury of Designer Lehenga Cholis

Lehenga cholis have been a constant companion of a girl's wardrobe since ages. From kids to teenagers to young women, lehenga, an explicated form of a long skirt, is worn on special occasions.

With its origins from Rajasthan, lehenga as an outfit has been revolutionized to find appeal for contemporary trends, preferences of style and comfort. Many a times, lehenga-cholis are preferred over sarees precisely because of the comfort factor associated with it. The stresses of draping a saree can overcome with a lehenga, without compromising on the oomph factor. Lehengas not only add subtle sensuality to the attire, but also lends a free going look.

The modern day bride is quite aware of the several options she has when it comes to her bridal attire. Dressing in something special and looking the very best can now be equated with a fancy lehenga, thanks to the budding trends. Embellishments with kundans, zardozi, beads, and mirrors can greatly strengthen the charm of the lehenga choli get-up. Also, swarovski crystals as embellishments have been a hot favorite for the brides-to-be in the last few years.

With plentiful choices of fabric like silk, brocade, velvet, net and georgette, topped with beautiful embellishments, the bridal attire is certainly a grand appeal. On the other hand, lehengas in shades of maroon and crimson can never go out of trend.

There are many who still fall for the charisma of a lavish, heavy glittery saree. For such girls, lehenga sarees are a boon. Teamed with kundans, stones and silver jewelry these lehengas create a charismatic aura for the bride.

When talking about party lehengas, you obviously won’t want to stick to the customary styles and cuts. Mermaid cuts or so called fish-tailed lehengas are indeed the latest style to catch an eye this season. They are fitted till the knees and have mermaid flair beyond that. You can always try and re-define your look with this traditional dress.

You can play with the sleeves, the length and the cuts, the necklines, the borders and the tassles. To complete the party look, you can team these lehengas with beaded and coin jewelry. Achkan style long jacket lehengas, A-line lehengas, lehengas with lacings, gota-patti, chikankari and phulkari are wardrobe musts these days.

Designer lehenga cholis are a huge hit during festivals, weddings and other occasions. Of late, lehenga cholis have been a major influence in shaping the look for many Bollywood beauties in films. We all remember those resplendent lehengas worn by Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. You like it, you can own it. Get your dress customized, same as your favorite onscreen actress.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Style Guide to Choose the Best Evening Gown for the Party

Everybody has a charm to look the best in a party. The charm of possessing the best of looks and being the point of attraction is a secretive wish we all retain!! However, with an excessive range of attires available, choosing the best among the options can be a hard task.

In the first place decide about the dress whether you want to wear traditional, contemporary or fusion. To make things easier for you let’s settle with the beautiful Indo Western Gowns for this occasion. The fantabulous floor length, the classy appeal and the blended look makes you look alluring and royal.

For making the perfect choice certain criterion are to be followed:

According to Physical Appearance:

Whenever a garment is to be sought the first thing is the fitting and the comfortable factor of the wearer. In order to enjoy the party to the fullest the dress has to be really comfortable. Like, if you wear a bold or backless kind of gown and it is not compatible with your anatomy, then you are ruining the craze for the party yourself. Similarly, experimenting with new designs and colors does not prove to be the best of ideas always. A small indecisive factor can be complete spoiler.

However, black, white and pink are not always the safest of shades and experimenting different can be exciting at times too! Just think not so similar but not totally out-of-the-box and get the best outfit which compliments your beautiful body instead of highlighting the flaws.

According to Theme:

Choosing the attire in accordance to the attendees is another prime factor. In the gathering of professionals formal Indo Western gowns would give the best outlook. In a semi-formal party some liberties can be taken with the style. A proper format need not be considered. 

According to Location:

The location of the party is also an important decisive factor when narrowing down your search. Different locations have different etiquettes and dress codes. Formal, informal, beach, pool, house, rooftop are different types of parties which demand particular and different attire. So, dressing appropriately in accordance to the location or venue of the party is of utmost importance. Like wearing a cocktail gown at a formal party may make you feel inappropriate. Similarly, wearing a long gown for a pool party can make you look a harlequin.

Every invite carries the venue so deciding the type of party gown to worn would be an admirable decision for you.

The following components should be regarded while buying the dress. Indo western gowns came in various lengths, styles and shapes. So, bang on the party by choosing the most suitable piece for you and get ready to grab those eyeballs.

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