Monday, February 20, 2017

Famous Pakistani Fashion Shows and Famous Pakistani Designers

All the top designers participate on these shows displaying their best and trendy works. Due to the easy accession of the internet as well as e-commerce lately, a large number of ladies in Pakistan are getting used to Buy Anarkali Suits, Kameez, Party Wear Lehenga, Ghagra Cholis, Bridal lehenga Choli Online etc. at a brisk rate. Read more about – Fashion Pakistani Fashion Shows & Designer.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Find-Out How To Style Lehenga Choli To Look Slim

At weddings, we all try to look like the most beautiful versions of ourselves, dolled up in gorgeous lehenga choli, all the ornamentations and, of course, the smiling face! 

But at times, life cannot be planned to the dot. Your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle do not give you enough of a time to go on a diet or hit the gym devotedly and thus you feel like looking at the tips that can make you look slimmer in your chosen dress.

Lehenga Choli is one of the attires that is popular in leading the women with beautiful appearance. It adds a myriad of colors and styles to the persona of the Indian women.

In the present day, you can order any beautiful Lehenga Choli by doing Online Shopping.
Generally, the average height of Indian women is much lesser as compared to the other races. This factor can make them look a little chubby. 

Also, the color of the lehenga should go with your face complexion. So, you have to keep in mind the body type, height, complexion, etc. before doing Online Shopping of Lehenga Choli.

Making a right choice is really important in case you want to wear a Lehenga choli and look slimmer. So, consider some factors before making the online order.

Now if you are figuring out the ways to make lehenga’s styling work for you, then there is a good news that whether you are a curvy girl or not, few amazing tips can make you look slimmer at the next wedding you attend.

Listed below are a few handy styling tips on how to flaunt your desi swag at different occasions.

Things to Note:

1. Choose Dark Colors: The lehenga choli you chose for yourself should match your skin tone and personality. Bolder prints with bigger patterns tend to make you look plumper, whereas smaller prints and lighter embroidery would make you look leaner.

2. Choose Makeup and Accessories Accordingly: It is important to note that the color choices made and the makeup used add-up to your persona. A better make up can give you look better. Contouring can make a plump face look slimmer.

3. Fitting and Cuts of the Lehenga: Make sure that it has been well stitched. The whole look will totally get ruined if you lehenga is not properly shaped. Fitting is a major concern for most of the people, where in the fittings have to be as per the body shape.

4. Select The Right Pair of Footwear: You would have to stand in the function for a long time. So keeping this fact in mind, make the right choice of the footwear. Block heals can make you look plumper, whereas slim heels can make you look slimmer.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lehenga Choli Online Shopping: Traditional Indian Outfit

The lehenga is regarded as the most attractive ceremonial clothing. It has obtained huge reputation among ladies who want amazing appearances. This is actually the two piece collection which is regarded as the perfect clothing for favorable events like marriage ceremony, celebrations and evening events.

A lehenga is an extended stitched skirt, often pleated, created from various materials such as georgette, crepe, chiffon, silk and cotton. It could also be known to as ghaghra choli when combined with a short blouse and a head covering known as a dupatta. However, though several diverse types of material can be used for making this clothing, most designers consider silk a well-liked. Even though material choice is the key, attractive sewing as is the case with most indian sarees performs a big part. Lehengas represent a variety of attractive sewing handiworks such as the zardozi, kundan and zari.

 The Lehenga choli is popular women outfit during celebrations in india due to the fact that it is accessible in a variety of shades and decorations. Wedding lehengas make the bride look like a queen, and that is precisely what a bride ought to feel like on her marriage day. Besides this, the clothing also has a fascinating appearance about it not forgetting the comfort it offers. The indian sari is the most prevalent bridal outfit in india.

Though, lehengas have been more famously used in the contemporary fashion industry, as time continues to develop. Typically, it would be worn with a waistline length or a slightly smaller blouse and a long dupatta. In today's fashion world, the blouse (choli) has become smaller though most of the time it is replaced by doll and halter neck tops.

 A main style in indian lehenga choli shopping these days is the move towards on the online sites as the main store. This is for the reason that online shopping is indeed the easiest option. Ladies can search through numerous types of ethnic wear choices from the comfort of their home and have it provided right to their front door. There are many ethnic wear sites that have jumped up; though, it is vital to buy the right store that can offer quality as well as credibility, at value for money prices.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Designer Lehenga Choli: Specially Designed for the Auspicious Occasion

The Indian ethnic wears are definitely the best clothing to wear on any favorable event. The beauty of these collections is certainly captivating. These are highly well-known among the ladies of Indian origin that are living with diverse parts of the world. One of the utmost favored clothing of this section is designer lehenga. It is considered as best clothing for huge events like marriages. 

This is generally the ghagra-choli collection. It was once the conventional clothing of the ladies of Indian origin. But for currently, the designers have modified these clothing into stylish outfit. The designers have used several impressive designs in order to add appeal to these clothing.

The fast pace fashion has affected the designing pattern of the ethnic wears. These days, Indian ladies choose to wear the beautiful clothing. For them, the designers are using impressive cuts on the apparel to be able to offer the contemporary touch to the collection. The cuts are being offered along the neck-line or in the collar section. The impressive designs in the collar are offered to create the collection more attractive.

The shades are definitely the vital feature when it comes to design the collection. The designers today are using an impressive color mixture in designing the collection. Apart from the traditional shades, they are also using off beat shades for making the collection amazing in hues.

Another very vital element of the designer lehenga collections is embroidery. These are mainly is the artistic styles in which attractive motifs are made with the help of the decorative items. The designers use things like Beads, stones & sequins to make amazing motifs. Besides this, resham patches along with the various colored threads are used to make the collection stylish and attractive.

The designer lehenga is definitely the best creative advancement of Indian designers. The ladies just love to wear these clothing as these can completely provide intense looks to them. The leading brands as well as well as various online shops are offering their collection in a wide variety of styles & colors. These clothing will certainly provide amazing looks to the trendy ladies.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Traditional or Modern Bridal Lehenga Choli?

As soon as you nod for marriage to your significant other, being the bride, the next activity you would get busy with is planning the wedding. Owing to the colorful and unique nature of the ceremonies, western brides are increasingly opting for traditional Indian weddings. In place of white wedding dresses, they can wear bright colored lehenga cholis, sarees and even suits for Indian weddings. Starting from the pre-wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremonies and to the post-wedding rituals, nothing could be as more fun as a couple celebrating their wedding in a traditional way.

Traditional vs. Modern Bridal Lehenga Cholis

Irrespective of being a western bride planning a traditional Indian wedding, or being an Indian bride, the major things that you really need to think about is your bridal ensemble that you shall be wearing on your wedding day. In Indian weddings, brides from various regions wear different ensembles; however, the most popular ensemble is the bridal lehenga choli. Also known as ghaghra choli or chaniya choli, this ensemble comprises of several different pieces.

There is the lehenga - a long skirt and the choli. The choli is a fitted blouse which is worn over the lehenga. One can play with the length of the choli, a short one for having the midriff bare or having a waist length choli or having a kurta or jacket instead of a choli. A few more pieces, makeup and accessories are used to enhance the beauty of the bride on her traditional wedding. You can actually make your choice for the traditional or modern bridal lehenga.

Let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two in terms of material, style and design:

Irrespective of which region you are from, you are bound to have a blast wearing a traditional lehenga choli. There is a certain soothing feeling that most brides feel once they go through the traditional rituals with the intricately-crafted lehenga choli.

During ancient times, only the royals wore lehengas for their weddings. Over the years, it became the traditional ensemble worn by the brides in most parts of the country. The traditional designs of lehenga cholis include skirts in A-line shape, full flare, fish tail or mermaid design.

The traditional bridal lehenga cholis used to be made with heavy fabrics like silks and khadi; however, owing to the modernization of everything, lighter fabrics like satin, chiffon, net were brought into use. The embellishments now vary from zari, zardosi, thread work, resham work, mirrors, beads, sequins, stones, crystals and more.

Modern brides prefer finely embroidered dupattas in net and satin as they are soft and easy to carry. The latest trend also allows carrying two different dupattas, one for covering the head and other for the temporary ‘ghunghat’. Modern bridal lehenga cholis are also characterized by bright colors which offer mere royalty.

In the end, be it a traditional lehenga choli or a modern one, you are bound to look the best of you on your big day.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Gown for yourself

Choosing party wear gowns can be a tedious task for women simply because there are so many choices. You can find numerous selections for party wear gowns. When searching online, you may see even more choices. So among so many designs how to decide which one is right for you?

The first most thing you need to consider is the occasion that you would be attending. What kind of party is it? And where would it be held? Is there any set theme? The occasion you are going to is the major part of your decision.

According to the Theme or Color

A new trend these days is to have theme based parties. All the guests and the hosts dress according to the theme for the party. So before you selecting a gown, it is important to check the invitation for it. If the party has a Hawaiian theme, choose for gowns with flowery patterns and Hawaiian colors. You can also accessorize the look with floral and shell tiaras and bracelets. If the party has an Indian theme, you can opt for the wonderful indo western gowns. 

Some go for themes while some opt for colors. They may ask all to wear a specific color or a specific pattern for your outfit. For example, if the color is Pink and Green Polkas, you can wear a gown that is purely pink, green, or a combination of both with polka dots.

 According to Other Attendees

Also consider other attendees in the party when looking for party wear gowns. If it’s an all adult party, opt for a look that does not reveal much of you. If it’s a party with high professionals, then opt for a formal gown.

According to the Location

Another aspect that plays a great part in your decision is the location of the party. Is it to be held at a beach or a hotel? Or even if it’s at the residence, would it be held indoors or rooftop or the lawns?

You should be dressed appropriately with regards to the location or venue of the party. Wearing a long gown for a pool side party may get your look ruined. Wearing a cocktail gown at a party in hotel may make you look underdressed. The venue of the party is always indicated in the invitation, so make the best use of it and choose your dress wisely. 

According to your Personality

Apart from the factors related to the party, you should also consider your own personality. You won’t be able to enjoy the party to the fullest if you are not comfortable with your dress. If you cannot show too much skin, then opt of conservative necklines and backs. If you are comfortable with bright colors, then opt for basic shades like beige, ivory, black, blue, crimson and the sort. 

Just love your own style and don’t be shy of it. 

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